What is OAK Therapy?

OAK Therapy is a fun therapeutic community that empowers children to increase their speech and language abilities.

OAK therapy was created for those looking to receive one-of-a-kind evidence-based services specifically tailored to children with varying needs.

Through inspiring workshops, therapy sessions and parent training, we use our optimistic and caring voice to provide tools that establish long-lasting language skills and social relationships with the hopes of helping children reach their fullest communication potential.

Speech Language Services


Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, consultations, parent coaching, and treatment of individuals with speech, language, social communication and/or feeding and swallowing disorders. These 1-3 hour long comprehensive evaluations formally and informally assess all areas of communication including speech articulation, fluency, receptive, expressive and pragmatic language, and, feeding skills. The evaluation also includes a plan of care, long-term and short term objectives, referrals and recommendations.


Based on the evaluation results, we develop a unique plan to address specific speech-language difficulties. Therapy is frequently provided individually; however, group therapy may be most beneficial. The mode of therapy (individual or group) and the frequency of therapy vary significantly in each diverse child, the therapist will recommend length of therapy in the evaluation. We highly recommend and encourage parents to observe treatment sessions to generalize results into the home environment.


Our 60-min coaching/consult sessions provide parents therapeutic support and strategies to apply at home. Sessions include parent interview to talk about speech-language milestones, medical and developmental history, strength and weaknesses, and play observation. These sessions end by providing caregivers with specifically designed play-based strategies and recommendations to augment language skills at home. They can be delivered in person or through an online platform.

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Susana Riera


Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist, Founder

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Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist

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Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist

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