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Please send us an inquiry email at


We will email you a link with our Service Fees and Out of Network Information through our platform called “Simple Practice”.


Upon reading and completing all documents, you will be provided our availability to book your appointments.


Please note that an evaluation is required to receive therapy.

You may use a previous evaluation by another provider as long as it is less than 6 months old and it meets our requirements.


OAK Therapy is an out-of-network provider. Please refer to this document for detailed insurance information.


After our evaluation or first session, we will provide recommendation of frequency (1-5 times per week) and duration (30 to 75 minutes) of therapy sessions.



We firmly believe that the “wait and see” approach is outdated as it could potentially impact a child’s overall communication and academic performance in the long term. Instead of waiting, we recommend booking an evaluation so a communication expert (speech language pathologist) can guide you and provide strategies to support your child’s overall communication development. 

During our appointments, our clinicians will observe your child in diverse structured and play-based activities. During such observations your clinician will identify if there are any significant traits related to a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and/or any other developmental disorder. Should there be any characteristics, your clinician will kindly walk you through the steps to book an evaluation with a neurologist to rule out a diagnosis (if any). Please note that our Speech Language Pathologists are not trained to provide an ASD diagnosis but they are ethically bound to report any traits to you (this information will solely be shared with you) so parents can discuss them with their neurology team. 

Absolutely, we love when parents join our sessions. Only 1 parent will be encouraged to join our sessions as we want to avoid distractions. 

Siblings may not join sessions to avoid distractions.

Absolutely, parents and extended family members are encouraged to watch our sessions so you can replicate our strategies into the home environment

Yes you can, as long as they do not contain nuts.

Sessions will be billed automatically through our client portal daily

Please review the types of evaluations we provide and choose the one that best fits your child’s needs:

  1. Speech Sound Production Evaluations (for children with pronunciation difficulties without language/play difficulties)
  2. Speech Language Evaluations (0-2.11 years): Comprehensive speech (pronunciation), fluency and language (comprehension and expression) as well as play skills for children ages0 to 2 years 11 months. 
  3. Speech Language Evaluations (3 – 18 years): Comprehensive speech (pronunciation), fluency, and language (comprehension and expression) as well as play skills for children 3 years to 18 years of age. 
  4. Feeding Evaluation: Comprehensive feeding and swallowing evaluation for children of all ages 
  5. Speech Language and Feeding Evaluation: Comprehensive speech (pronunciation), language (comprehension and expression), play and feeding for children of all ages
  6. Fluency Evaluation: Comprehensive evaluation for stuttering/cluttering without language/speech difficulties.

Your evaluation report will be send to you 10-20 business days after the evaluation.

We use standardized speech language, AAC, play and fluency assessments as well as informal play-based measures

We hold a strict 24 hr cancellation policy for therapy sessions and 48hr cancellation policy for consults and evaluations. 

Yes, a 3.5% service fee will be automatically billed to each session/service

Unfortunately, Oak Therapy LLC is currently an out of network provider with all insurance companies. However, that does not mean your insurance will not cover some or all services. Depending on your current plan, your insurance may still be billed for reimbursement. It is important that you check with your insurance company or FES-UA Scholarship beforehand to determine what steps you need to take for reimbursement of services. 

Sessions will be billed daily

Absolutely, Superbills will be automatically generated the first day of after every therapy month 

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