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We offer a one-of-a-kind presentation called “Encouraging Communication” to educators, fellow  therapists and school personnel to empower professionals in identifying communication milestones, and supporting children’s speech language and play skills. Our presentations provide lecture-based information and hands-on experiences. Our workshops are 90-min in length and include handouts, and resources to apply new information as soon as possible. Topics covered in our presentation:

  • Speech Language Communication Milestones
  • Strategies to Promote Communication in children ages 0-6 years from first words to sentence creators! 
  • Autism Characteristics and Strategies to support neurodivergent learners (Child-Led learning, Adaptations, Engagement and AAC)
  • Bilingualism and Strategies to promote multilingual speakers 
  • Story-telling – Strategies to support children elaborate narratives with adequate semantics, syntax and sequencing skills. 
  • Flexible Thinking – Tips to promote flexible thinkers and social communication skills.

Program Cost: $1250


Contact us via to book your one-of-a-kind presentation 

Our presentations are designed for 10-150 educators/school personnel. Please email us at should you have more than 150 educators interested 

Both! In-person sessions are hosted around a 10-mile radius from our clinic (Coral GAbles, FL), an additional travel fee will be billed for schools exceeding our 10-mile radius. Online sessions will be hosted via Zoom. 

Absolutely, we will provide 20-minutes for your staff to ask questions based on real scenarios and our staff will assist in answering such questions. 

We are licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologists and we are accredited by the American Speech Language Association. Additionally, we are certified More Than Words and TalkAbility workship trainers, FloorTime trained, PROMPT trained, and autism specialists. 

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