Comprehensive Speech Language Evaluations

Comprehensive testing using standardized measures, dynamic assessment and play-based measures to analyze your child’s speech, language, and feeding skills. Evaluation length depends on your child’s participation, attention and needs. Evaluations include a written report. The report includes scores, clinical observations, and a plan of care for the next 6 months of treatment. Evaluations typically range from 45- minutes to 90-minutes and are held on one appointment session. Evaluations include a written report with a plan of care, objectives, scoring, referrals and recommendations.

Types of Evaluations

For children who exhibit stuttering/stammering

For children with difficulties with pronunciation only, no language comprehension or expression (adequate vocabulary, syntax and age appropriate ability to follow directives)

For children who may be experiencing speech (pronunciation) and language (comprehension or expression) difficulties 

for children who may be experiencing speech (pronunciation) and language (comprehension or expression) difficulties

For children who are picky eaters and/or have difficulties with mastication (chewing) or swallowing

For children who may be experiencing speech (pronunciation), language (comprehension or expression) and feeding/swallowing difficulties


  • Feeding Evaluations: water in open cup + straw, preferred drink (i.e., juice, coconut water, etc.), preferred snack (i.e., cookies, crackers, goldfish), preferred hard solid (i.e., tofu, steak, chicken), preferred puree-like food (i.e., yogurt, mashed potatoes), less preferred snack, less preferred solid, less preferred puree-like food. Favorite toy and change of clothes (if potty training)

  • Speech and Language Evaluations: favorite toy, change of clothes (if potty training) and water.
  • Yes, parents are welcome to join evaluations as long as the child is not distracted. Parents are also invited to watch live via Zoom. Please let your clinician know if you would like to watch online.

  • Siblings are not welcome to join evaluations as we must promote your child’s attention and decrease distractions during the evaluation.

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