Therapy Sessions

Oak Therapy LLC is a play and movement-based therapeutic clinic, during our sessions you can expect your child to enjoy a variety of multisensory experiences. We do not require children to stay seated during sessions as we firmly believe children learn best when exploring, actively engaging with others, and feeling safe. Your clinician will build an online group chat for parents and clinicians to share strategies, send schedules and constantly communicate to better support your child.

Types of Therapy

Feeding Therapy: For children with difficulties accepting/tolerating different food groups, avoidance towards different textures, food selectivity, difficulty with chewing and/or swallowing

Speech Language Therapy: For children with difficulties with pronunciation, sequencing of sounds, and speech clarity and/or difficulty with word knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, conversations, answering closed- and open-ended questions, auditory comprehension, following verbal directives and/or social communication

Intensive Therapy: Intensive speech language and/or feeding therapy 4+ times weekly to support children who benefit from intensive therapy services prior to beginning schooling and/or during vacation/holidays (summer, winter, spring break)


  • Yes, parents are welcome to join sessions as long as the child is not distracted. Parents will be encouraged to actively participate in sessions and the SLP team will coach parents on strategies to actively promote communication and feeding skills. OAK Therapy LLC clinicians reserve the right to ask parents to leave sessions should your child become distracted or parents interrupt the session dynamic. Parents are always invited to watch live via Zoom. Please let your clinician know if you would like to watch online.
  • Older Siblings are welcome to join sessions as long as they are able to follow directives and apply strategies coached by clinicians.
  • Session frequency (1-5 times per week) and duration (30-90 minutes) vary depending on your child’s unique learning style and needs. 
    • After the evaluation, your clinician will let you know the recommended frequency and duration. The average recommendation is twice weekly for  45-minute sessions. 
    • We offer “intensives” (5 sessions weekly) during the summer and school year for those families interested in speech language boost sessions.
  • Please book an appointment, if any or some of these apply to your child:
    • My child is 15 months old and is only using 3-5 words consistently 
    • My child is 18 months old and is using less than 20 words consistently
    • My child names letters, numbers, animals and/or shapes but has difficulty using language to request and comment
    • My child is able to imitate singing and/or imitate scripts from TV shows but has difficulty using language during social interactions
    • My child is 2 years old and does not build 2-3-word phrases yet 
    • My child is 3 years old and has difficulty answering questions 
    • My child is 4 years old and has difficulty engaging in back and forth communication exchanges 
    • My child uses telegraphic speech (omits articles, pronouns, prepositions)
    • My child’s speech is difficult hard to understand 
    • My child is 5 and has difficulty using certain speech sounds 
    • My child is 7 and has trouble with stubborn speech sounds (/r/ and /th/) 
    • My child’s speech stutters / has bumpy speech 
  • Your child’s mastication (chewing) seems to be disorganized
  • Your child refuses to eat/try certain foods/textures
  • Your child’s diet is very limited 
  • Mealtime has become a battle at home.
  • Yes we do, we visit schools/daycares around our community (Coral Gables).
  • No, we offer services mainly in our therapy center and visit some schools/daycares in our community. We don’t offer in-home therapy services at this time. 
  • Unfortunately we do not offer bundles at this time, each session your child attends to will be billed weekly 
  • Discounts are not offered to any patient/family, all families are billed equally 
  • No, automatic Credit/Debit/HSA card payments will be billed daily. We do not accept cash/zelle/check payments 
  • Please remember to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance. You will be responsible for the entire fee if cancellation is less than 24 hours. This is necessary because a time commitment is made to you and is held exclusively for you. 

Your clinician will let you know a variety of options to bring for each session. 

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